Güntaş mills are based on 550.000 square meters area and have a daily production capacity of 65.000 kgs in 100.000 square meters covered up area. 600 staff is working in different stages of production and the company is working on new investment programs for the near future.

Güntaş is the outcome of an experience of Dinçer family in 60 years in different areas of the textile industry. The company began to production with the first mill Güntaş-I established in 1987 in Malatya and launched later Güntaş-II, Güntaş-III, Güntaş-IV and Güntaş-V in 2010.

Our company has the average production capacity of 20.000 tons annually with 93.000 spindles in ring and 2.880 rotors in open end mills.

Production is carried out with the best and state of art machines like Rieter(Switzerland), Schlafhorst(Germany), Uster(Switzerland)

Our company takes part in 'Second Largest 500 Industrial Corporations of Turkey', an annual publication of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, since 2001.

Güntaş, working with the aim of being an international brand since its first establishment, has been rewarded due to its performance in exportation with the 'Bronze Success Medal' by İTKİB (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association) since 1998.

Our Vision:

1. We will be in conscious of our responsibility of making our brand a requested one in the local as well as in the international market.
2. We will bring the quality-price balance to the optimum level by working with the responsibility of our products to take its position in the world markets.
3. We will fulfill our responsibilities in the establishment of the modern Turkey of future together with our employees.

Our Mission:

1. Continuous improvement of the quality of our products and becoming a demanded brand within 5 years in the world market.
2. Renewing permanently our plants, being an integrated establishment, saving our existence in the market.
3. Spreading the consciousness of quality and being an establishment while having a healthy relationship with our employees/customers and forming the strong Güntaş for future’s world.

Our Principles:

• Honesty
• Reliability
• Quality
• Productivity and Discipline
• Trying to be the Best
• Flexibility
• Taking heed to our most important sources: Human and Nature.
• Permanent Growth

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