'Total Quality' is the first aim of Güntaş. Desired products are obtained with best raw material provided from the Turkish and world markets, qualified labor force and technology.

Quality of the raw material we use and the yarn we produce are regularly controlled with newest lab testing machines (Uster Afis Pro2, Uster Tester5, Premier Tensomaxx 7000) at every stage of production. Foreign fibre cleaning of the raw material is done with Loptex sorters, ultraviolet lights and controlling yarn at winding process is done with Uster Quantum2 system.

Güntaş takes care of environment and pays most attention to nature. Special studies are done on this issue. Being nature friendly and working to amend the existing environment are our primary principles. Güntaş yarn has 'Öko-Tex Certificate100 - Class 1' which proves that it does not contain any harmful substances even for baby wear.

Güntaş has ameliorated the field where factories are built on. 4.000 fruit trees, mostly apricot, were planted on a 400.000 square meter area in the course of time. 120.000 kgs of apricot is obtained every year from this plantation, sold and also served to Güntaş friends. The income is allocated for social activities. Güntaş still works to improve its environment and efforts with all employees to beautify the nature.

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