We have set up a dynamic working group under the leadership of our consultant Prof. İlhan Erdoğan, Chairman of Behavioural Sciences in Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration, to form our human resource management model and to advance in working healthily in the process of getting institutional.

The working group under Prof İlhan Erdoğan has shaped our organization according to the mentality of today's world, has started operations of inner inspection, formed and put into practise our human resources management model.

In the first step of this model, task definitions are elaborated; responsibilities, authority and skills of whole staff which they have to bear are determined. Election of employees is based on scientific techniques. Psyche-technical method is used in staff election, objective evaluation of staff is done and it's ensured that best candidate is engaged. Thus, hired person is employed for the best task he/she can do and harmony between work and worker is secured.

Internal trainings which are executed by Prof. İlhan Erdoğan provide a wider vision to our administrators and employees and also management skills and knowledge are improved. Managers of the future are planned to be educated with the carrier improvement system. Our human resource management model will get its desired level with the successful improvement and evaluation systems which we will develop in the next days.

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